Stile Edge Tile Edging Is Having A Make Over

A water feature with Stile Edge Tile Edging.

A water feature with Stile Edge Tile Edging.

Hi, Just  in case your noticing some changes on this site, It’s because I’ve decided to give it a total  make over.

I thought a bit more color was needed,  and every one likes to see photo’s and pictures of how our Tile Edging can transform and make a huge difference to  any tiling  job…

So I decided to choose a theme that could showcase more of our photos and hopefully give you some inspiration when choosing the right tile edging for your new home.

I hope you like the new look of the site .

and another feature I’ve decided to include is…

I am now taking comments on the articles, so if you have any questions about our Tile Edging services or how you can improve the qualiy of your tiling project, just leave a comment on the post your reading and I will get back to you real soon.

Until then keep an eye out for our next article and good luck with your building project.