I Got The Perfect Match.

“After deciding on the floor tiles we wanted in the new home we were building, I was really disappointed to find out how hard it was to find a step tread that looked half decent against my new tiles.

Because I couldn’t bring myself to settle for just any old “Off the shelf edging tile” we decided to put off tiling our stair case… for over 2 years.

I just could not find anything that I was happy with. I got so fed up with wasting so much of my time looking for a half decent step tread without any success, I was nearly ready to give up.

Luckily,  before I gave in to using a tread piece that I knew I would not be happy with, I heard about Stile Edge.janetileedgingthumb

I am now the proud owner of a beautifully tiled staircase with perfectly matching edges. I am so pleased that I didn’t just get whatever step tread I could find at the time as now my floor looks totally complete and unified and not like a mix and match tiling job.”

Jane Craig
New home owner
Burleigh heads gold coast

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