Step Tread Grooves

Our Step Tread Grooves give you the option to finish your tiling  job a cut above the status quo. For instance, there are many forms of stair nosing on the market, but they all have one thing in common – these stair nosing systems require the ‘adding on’ of separate materials to achieve the end result.

By cutting grooves into the tile itself  a perfect non slip stair nosing is achieved without adding anything which has the potential to fall off with the passing of time.Step Tread Grooves

The set of three 6mm wide grooves can be applied to vitually any selected floor tile.

This process provides a non slip section in the tile itself without the necessity of  using  pre-made step tread pieces which rarely match the rest of your tiles.

After extensive testing on both polished and rockface tiles, our Step Tread Grooves acheived the “V” rating (approx. equal to R12) as per AS/NZS 4586:2004- SLIP RESISTANT MEASUREMENT OF NEW PEDESTRIAN SURFACES.

Copies of the slip resistance test certificates are available upon request.

Step Tread Grooves