Free Web Promotion For Tile Shops and Contractors

This website  has been attracting a lot of visitors each week who are searching for, not only tile edging, but also tiles and related products, and it consistently ranks in the top ten Google search results for various search terms.

Many of the people who visit our site aren’t getting what they are looking for because we don’t sell tiles, grout, glue, etc… or many other products that our site is being found for,  but we really want to send some of this web traffic to you guys, tile shops and contractors, who can give them what many of our sites visitors actually want.

With this in mind we have decided to offer free internet exposure to any tile shops and contractors who would like to submit a short article about a specific service, product or a current special offer, and the best part is, you don’t even need to be one of our clients to benefit.

As long as your located in Australia and service the tile industry, you can take advantage of this offer.

We feel that this would be of mutual benefit – your company receives free web exposure to help generate custom, which hopefully will eventually flow on to us in the form of tile edging work.

The article we would like you to submit must to be around 100 words minimum, and in the form of a blog or an announcement, complete with an eye catching heading, your web address, contact phone number and if you like, an image.

We are not expecting you to write ‘War and Peace’, so you don’t need to get too hung up on grammar or thinking that you need to spend a lot of time on it, just a short article that’s to the point and done in a conversational manner. This should only take about ten to fifteen minutes to write.

An example would read something like this…


10% Sale on tile edging at Stile Edge

This month the guys over at Stile edge have decided to put out a sale on all of their current edging profiles.

These include the classic and extremely popular half bullnose and the laminated full bullnose edging profiles.

So if you have a building or renovating project on the go and are looking to save some $$$ then now is the time to order your tile edging.

To find out more about these great deals and why you should get Stile edge to provide you with the best tile edging available, then go to their website (insert web address)or call Keith on 0417300421.

Your article will be posted here in the “Sales and Promotions” section of our site.

This is a no strings attached, completely free service to help promote your business, which ultimately helps to promote the tiling industry.

Please email your article for publication to sales @, and feel free to call us for more details if required. You can also submit your publication through the form on out contact page.