What to include in an effective business listing

If you want to get the best possible results by listing your business here on this directory, then it’s absolutely necessary to include as much information about you and your business as possible.

The reason why it’s important, is it will help customers find the right service or product both here, on the Stileedge.com directory, and in the search engines, ie; Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…

It’s also very important that you write an original article, something has not been published before on the internet. The reason why you should submit an unpublished article is important, is because the search engines actually penalize websites that publish content which has been duplicated and published in various places around the web. So the effort you take in writing an original article will pay off in the long run, otherwise both yours and our time and effort will be wasted.

Try to answer as many questions you think someone looking for your product or service may want to ask, a good habit to get into is to make a note of the questions your asked each day in your everyday business dealings, and answer those questions in your article. We have made a list of some common questions that you can answer here.

If you operate your business out of a central location then add a Google map showing clients where you are and how to find you, just like we have done on our Contact Us page.

People like to buy from someone they feel they can trust, so why not put a picture of you and your sales staff in front of your shop, if your a trades-person have a photo taken of you standing next to your sign-written vehicle.

If you have any company branding such as a logo, then include that also, we can use that on the main category page as a thumbnail image, much like what we have done on our Tile bulnosing testimonials page.

Your contact details are vitally important and it goes without saying that they must be included, things such as your web address, phone, fax, email and mobile numbers should all be listed.

If your a tradesman and don’t have a central office location, then maybe you could add a map of the areas your service, for example if your located on the Gold coast and you regularly travel to Brisbane for work, then include a map of the Gold coast to Brisbane areas.

I am sure there are many other ideas that can be added to this list, be creative with your article, and try to think of this space as a huge billboard on the side of the cyberspace highway, with thousands of potential customers driving past your ad every single day. If it were costing you money I am sure you would want to get your monies worth.