Stile Edge Business Directory

This business directory is very much under construction and will most probably take on some fine tuning and modifications over the next few weeks and months, so if you happen to come back and things look a little different, then we do apologize for any confusion.

Our hope is to provide a comprehensive list of Tile shop’s and Trades in order to help the end user get the best result on their building project.

The directory will be categorized by state and district (that may change), and in each state you will find two main sections, Tile Suppliers and Trades, we may consider adding a third category called Planning, including designers and architects, which will be be added at a later stage depending on the number of requests that we receive.

If you are servicing the tiling industry here in Australia and would like to find out more about listing your business, then feel free to contact us during office hours, our details can be found on our Contact page, or read the Directory articles.

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